Brilliant Behaviour

Moving Beyond Discipline

  • Explore challenging behaviour as communication
  • The effect of rewards and sanctions
  • Implement change: ‘Why, What and How’
  • Develop an emotionally supportive environment
    • Positive school/classroom ethos
    • Build personal awareness
    • Address behavioural contexts
    • Target individual learners
Rob Long

Rob Long

Dates: 16th Mar 2018, 23rd Mar 2018

Rob is committed to developing an understanding of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. His training events are renowned for their dynamic approach, sharing the commitment and enthusiasm he has in his subject.

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How to be the most effective teacher

Understand why behaviour is

  • Functional

  • Predictable

  • Changeable

How to change your own behaviour to change that of others

Review the proven techniques of rule, praise and ignore

Use consequences effectively

Respond, don’t react, to problem behaviour

Promote intrinsic motivation

Key principles of behaviour and effective intervention

Create a behaviour curriculum

  • Change-based project with tutor support

  • Multi-faceted intervention toolbox

Support learner relationships with self, peers, and adults

Develop self-control and personal responsibility

Positive strategies to embed good behaviour

  • Communication strategies

  • Positive behaviour management tactics

  • Questioning techniques

  • Sustainable, multi-faceted solutions

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£279 + VAT

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