New to Pastoral Leader

  • Ensure pastoral care is robust, thorough and of high quality:

    - Safeguarding - Attitudes to learning

    - Mental health - Behaviour for learning

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the requirements of your role

  • Blueprint to manage your team of year and form tutors

Information on speakers coming soon.

Understand your role and responsibilities

Ofsted requirements:

  • safeguarding

  • behaviour and welfare

  • personal development

Research: latest development models for student progress
National agenda: mental health, safeguarding and attainment

Providing Outstanding secondary pastoral leadership

Identify leadership styles to lead pastoral tutors

Establish pinch points in each year group, e.g. handling transition

Engage with families of pupils with welfare issues

Work with external partners

Act with accuracy with regards to safeguarding

Tools to evaluate the impact of pastoral care

The skills you need to be successful in your role

Methodologies to assess pupils’ approaches to learning

Diagnostic tools for pastoral leaders

Solution-focused models

Unpick pastoral case studies

Drive forward the attainment of the most vulnerable pupils in your school