New to Systematic Synthetic Phonics

  • Key techniques to overcome your phonics fears
  • A hands-on approach to teach planned and incidental phonics in every lesson
  • High-impact activities to encourage all children to:
    • blend
    • segment
    • apply phonics knowledge
    • decode
Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Date: 9th Mar 2018

Jaz is an inspiring, dynamic and grounded trainer. She has worked at the front edge of synthetic phonics, working as a teacher, spelling adviser and presenter for the BBC. She understands first-hand the difference an inspirational teacher can make, and dedicates herself to improving literacy education for all.

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Tracy Fox

Tracy Fox

Date: 6th Mar 2018

Tracy is an excellent teacher and trainer with in-depth knowledge and experience in organising phonics teaching. She has extensive experience with EAL, SEN and gifted children.

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Explore the latest developments in phonics teaching

Unpick the government’s initiative to develop children’s reading

Discover Ofsted’s latest criteria for outstanding phonics teaching

Support children in preparing for Year 1 Screening Checks

Demystify systematic synthetic phonics

Define the principles and purpose of systematic synthetic phonics

Link the principles to how it enables children to read and write fluently

Clarify age related expectations in phonic attainment

Plan and teach for group differentiation

Set appropriate targets and effectively monitor progress


Embed a rigorous and fun approach to teaching phonics

A toolkit of examples and resources for lesson planning

Fresh techniques to segment and blend

Examples to articulate each of the phonemes correctly

Age appropriate activities to support the teaching of phonics

Strategies to help children who fall behind

An adaptable framework to systematically plan and teach synthetic phonics


Unpick the terminology:

  • phoneme

  • grapheme

  • split digraph

Ensure all children make progress including:

  • SEND

  • boys

  • EAL

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£289 + VAT

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£269 + VAT

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