Outstanding Learning Mentor

How to focus on progress and achievement

  • Ofsted mentoring unpicked:
    • Progress
    • Achievement
    • Impact
    • Evidence
  • How to use the 5 factors of effective assessment
  • Practical toolkit to use throughout the year:
    • Assessment tools
    • Reassessment matrix
    • Policy & practice templates
    • Evidence impact
    • Pupil activities

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Ofsted’s expectations for mentoring

Uncover Ofsted’s new focus on pupils’ progress

Clarify what evidence you need to provide 

Assessment for Mentoring practice and policy

Complete guide to quantifying the difference mentoring makes

Create a baseline assessment tool to measure impact

Design reassessment matrix to quantify impact

Methods to demonstrate impact 

Integrate assessment for mentoring into your school

5 key factors for assessment

Baseline assessment 

Quantitative and qualitative feedback


Triangulation and correlation

Reassessment techniques

Tools and strategies to demonstrate the impact of mentoring

  • Techniques for assessment mentoring

  • Activities to promote student progress 

  • Templates for graphs, maps and charts to demonstrate impact

  • Long-term strategies for sustained improvement 

  • Example practice and policy

  • Signpost to resources