Leading Literacy to Outstanding

  • Former winner of the TES award for Outstanding Literacy Initiative

  • Prepare for Ofsted's literacy focus

  • Take away a two-year model template proven to lead to Outstanding literacy results 

  • Use literacy across the curriculum to succeed with:

    • 100% examinations
    • life without levels

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Literacy updates for 2017

Literacy and the new Ofsted Common Inspection Framework

Literacy and the new English GCSE specification

Literacy and its role in Progress 8

Literacy and the latest research on what works


Creating the literate school

Planning approaches to enable whole-school literacy

Beginning stage – implement the strategies

Embedding stage – involve staff and parents

Sustainability stage – build on the successes

How to track and measure impact


40 strategies to raise standards through literacy

  • Takeaway tips to create pupil-led literacy

  • Innovative peer tutoring support networks

  • Teacher and parent involvement techniques

  • Weekly 10 minute training sessions

  • Primary collaborations


Praise for Chenderit School and Graham Tyrer

Winner of the SSAT Every Child Matters Award for Literacy Across the Curriculum

Winner of the TES National Award for Outstanding Literacy Initiative