Progress in Early Writing

  • How to help all children to become confident and motivated writers

  • Support progress and attainment in writing through developmentally-appropriate planning:

    • speaking and listening

    • reading

    • phonics

    • physical development

  • Evidence on children’s progress to Ofsted and SLT

      Julie Cigman

      Julie Cigman

      Dates: 28th Jun 2018, 5th Jul 2018

      Julie is an early years literacy expert who has recently published a book on boys’ writing in the EYFS. Her former role as an Early Years advisory teacher saw her work with schools and pre-schools to successfully improve children’s confidence, motivation and attainment as writers.

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      Guidance from the EYFS, Ofsted and recent research

      Develop writing using both EYFS principles and prime areas of learning

      Developmental stages of mark-making

      Ofsted progress expectations

      Identify areas for development in your current provision

      Engage and motivate ‘reluctant writers’

      Assess children’s progress and plan for next steps

      Prepare and record evidence of progress

      Case studies of Outstanding practice

      Practical ways to meet the writing early learning goal

      Opportunities, resources and strategies to:

      • Develop motor skills

      • Stimulate writing

      • Engage reluctant writers

      • Encourage progress

      • Involve parents

      • Display, share and celebrate writing

      • Promote shared, guided and independent writing

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