Examination Mindset

How to lift grades through the appliance of Mindset

  • Focus on creating exam-ready students

  • Proven techniques to develop learners to become:

    • strong

    • proactive

    • and independent

  • Tools to build a mindset programme for both KS3 and KS4

  • How to thrive in maximum adversity

Steve Oakes

Steve Oakes

Date: 16th Mar 2018

Steve Oakes is the Director of Education at AQR International, where he leads work on mental toughness in education. Martin and Steve are co-authors of The A Level Mindset and The GCSE Mindset.

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The VESPA approach

Discuss the 5 key areas for student academic success:

Vision – how well do you know what you want to achieve?

Effort – how many hours of independent work do you do per week?

System – how do you organise your learning and time?

Practice – what kind of work do you do to practise your skills?

Attitude – how do you respond to setbacks?

Practical strategies for transforming student:

  • commitment
  • motivation
  • productivity

Unpick the theory of character education

Explore the importance of non-cognitive skills in academic success

Practical toolkit to get the best out of all your students

Tools to help learners structure their working week

Techniques for problem-solving

Strategies to promote effective revision and exam preparation

Diagnose learner behaviour attitudes

Pastoral programme

Reflective activities to encourage positive attitudes

Questionnaires for learners to access their habits and behaviours

Explore structured coaching conversations

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