Success with Linear A Levels: Government and Politics

  • Successfully teach the new linear A level

  • Step-by-step guide on delivering Outstanding lessons

  • Achieve success through a carefully planned programme of study

Gary Walker

Gary Walker

Dates: 9th Mar 2018, 26th Mar 2018

Gary was a Head of Politics for 10 years and is now Head of Sixth Form. A specialist in British politics, he believes the key to outstanding lessons is to instil a passion for politics through challenge in the classroom empowering students to succeed through a step-by-step programme building towards examination success.

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Deliver the new A level with confidence

New Edexcel and AQA specifications

Effective strategies to prepare students for linear assessment

Develop critical and analytical thinking skills

An effective step-by-step programme

Plan Outstanding lessons every time

Structure effective examination responses

Transform A grades into A* grades

Empower students to become confident, independent learners

Practical advice on supporting aspiring Politics undergraduates

How to bring out the ‘political animal’ in your students

Create students who are fluent in the ‘language of politics’

Proven strategies for success

Nurture independent learning

Strategies for outstanding teaching and learning

Top tips on achieving examination success

Techniques to help students achieve their highest grade possible

Best ways to support students with planning their future

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