Teaching Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

In the Donaldson primary curriculum

  • Creative and critical thinking skills to engage:

    • independent thinking
    • deep conceptual understanding
    • problem-solving: investigating solutions
    • transferable knowledge
  • Prepare children to become enterprising leaders

  • Practical ideas for implementation in the classroom

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The new focus on creative and critical thinking

The Donaldson Report and its implications

Developing lessons that meet the four main purposes of the new curriculum, leading to:

  • ambitious, capable learners 

  • enterprising, creative contributors

  • ethical, informed citizens 

  • healthy, confident individuals

Step-by-step guide to creative and critical thinking in the classroom

What is the importance of creativity and critical thinking?

Planning for and assessing creative outcomes

Evaluating current provision against what works well

Teaching children how to research and evaluate information

Practical toolkit

Visual resources for thinking maps and diagrams

Outdoor strategies for teaching thinking skills

Creative techniques to get children thinking outside the box

Metacognitive strategies to use in the classroom

Ideas for using digital technologies