The Art of Lazy Leadership

  • Sustain a excellent school whilst:

    • Reducing unnecessary workload

    • Focusing efforts on what really matters

    • Creating greater impact with less effort

  • Receive a new quality assurance framework for achieving excellence

  • Efficient leadership skills to support teaching and promote learning

Stephen Tierney

Stephen Tierney

Dates: 7th Mar 2018, 16th Mar 2018

Stephen has extensive experience of leadership, and is now Executive Director of Blessed Edward Bamber CMAT in Blackpool.  He is also author of the popular LeadingLearner blog.  Stephen has in-depth knowledge of the different stages of leadership, and his engaging training style will leave you inspired to make a difference in your school.  

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What are your top 2 priorities

Discover the art of ‘lazy leadership’

Reduce your workload by doing fewer things better

Putting responsibility at the heart of colleagues’ work

Increase clarity of leadership to help yourself and others

Daily, weekly and annual habits to get the job done

12 pointers for great teaching, assessment and learning

Ensure your team become ‘minimalist’ leaders

Trust more, dictate less

  • Use research, experience and data to make wise decisions

  • Draw up a strategic 12-month action plan for your school

  • Create a culture in which others can thrive and flourish

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