The Children and Families Act

A must-see course for Senior Leaders

  • Prepare for the new law:
    • special educational needs
    • adoption
    • looked-after children
    • family justice
  • Clarify exactly how changes will affect your school:
    • greater parental control
    • new clauses
    • changes to staff entitlements
  • Know when and how to intervene when a child is at risk
  • Strategies to ensure a smooth transition from current to new systems

Information on speakers coming soon.

Cut through the fog of irrelevant information

Key legal changes from the final Children and Families Bill

How the new SEN Code of Practice 0-25 and EHCP will affect SEN support

How Ofsted will inspect changes

A guide to embed major changes to provision for vulnerable children

Identify what changes mean for every staff member

Prepare for greater parental involvement (including family control of personal budgets)

Embed a system that promotes partnerships with LAs and health professionals

Know when and how to intervene: be aware of all clauses

Make reporting on vulnerable children’s progress urgent and straightforward

Strategies to cope with employees’ entitlement changes:

  • paternity/maternity leave and pay
  • flexible working
  • ante-natal care

Techniques for implementation

  • Handout outlining key changes for all staff
  • Self-audit and action planning tools
  • Ideas to ensure pupil voices are heard