Data for Middle Leaders

  • Be ready for the rapidly changing agenda:
    • new accountability measures
    • focus on progress 
    • assessment without levels
  • What Ofsted really want from a data-rich department
  • Ready-made templates to track the performance of:
    • students
    • teachers
  • Guarantee success in your PM meetings by evidencing data well

Information on speakers coming soon.

Data in a data-rich world
Demystify performance data
Uncover Ofsted’s new expectations for data usage
Explain what RAISE data Ofsted will use
Clarify how testing changes will affect league table results
Understand whole school data in preparation for a more senior role

A complete guide to using data to drive improvement
When, where and how to collect data
How to interpret data and make it meaningful
Apply data to narrow attainment gaps between girls, boys and FSM pupils
Use data to inform your monitoring of students and staff
Present data to senior leaders and Ofsted

A toolkit for manageable and effective data analysis

  • Tips to track performance with no National Curriculum levels
  • Templates for monitoring progress
  • Data tips to cascade to colleagues 
  • Ways to ensure data is understood by all