Dealing with Difficult People

  • Learn how to handle bullies, moaners, procrastinators and killjoys
  • Defuse aggression with parents, teachers or colleagues
  • Manage behaviour that leads to difficult situations

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Turn around difficult situations

Understand demanding relationships and how to make them work for you

Keep control while under fire

Be inspired to change

Learn how to be calmer and more confident

Recognise triggers and convert to action

Develop your own style for managing relationships and situations

Control your reactions to demanding people

Increase assertiveness and positive skills

Action plan to transform your workplace

Create a calmer environment

Happier colleagues equal happier students

Embed constructive feedback into work relationships

Help others to achieve their potential

Practical skills to transform professional relationships

  • Active listening
  • Communication
  • The golden rules of saying ‘no!’
  • 5 options for dealing with difficult situations
  • 12 ways to build relationships
  • 12 behaviours to avoid