Excellence in Teaching Conference 2017

Help successful learners achieve excellence across your school

  • Make Excellent teaching a habit in your school

  • Discover innovative ideas and approaches

  • Ensure pupils achieve the results they deserve

Join Osiris Educational as we take the Excellence in Teaching Conference to Scotland for the first time.

Bring your focus to excellence in teaching, with guidance from expert speakers and trainers who have proven track records in improving standards of teaching and learning in schools across the UK.

Come and be a part of over 20,000 teachers who have improved their practice by introducing innovative ideas and approaches, taken from our Teaching conferences.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn techniques to drive forward standards of teaching and learning in your school
  • Make excellence in teaching a habit for all teachers
  • Discover the power of video analysis and its positive impact
  • Unpick how teachers can give good feedback and how learners can act upon the feedback for maximum impact
  • Ensure that learners think more deeply about their education

Suitable for:

  • Headteachers

  • Deputy and Assistant Heads

  • Teachers

  • Middle Leaders

  • All School Leaders

Information on speakers coming soon.

09:40 - 11:10

The Key Barriers to Overcome in order to Improve Teaching


- Based upon intensive works in hundreds of schools, this session will explore the most common barriers that hold back teacher-learning, why they occur and how to overcome them.

By Mark Burns


11:30 - 12:30

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 1


Collaborative Planning Using the Teaching Backwards Framework

- Explore the mental model used throughout the Outstanding Teaching Intervention (OTI) programme.

By Andy Griffith

The Power of Video Analysis

- With more than 15,000 lessons filmed, this workshop shows the power of video analysis in transforming teacher habits.

By Carmel Bones


13:30 - 14:30

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 2


The Curious Teacher – Deepening Questioning and Dialogue

- The most effective teachers are curious about learning, and how they seek to develop high quality dialogue in lessons. - This session will explore how to develop a similar approach.

By Mark Burns

High-quality Feedback

- How we can be better at ensuring students receive, act on and give effective feedback.

By Martin Morgan


14:45 - 16:00

How to Design Effective Learning for Teachers


- Utilising research and case study evidence, Andy will examine how schools can design effective learning for teachers that leads to improved impact in the classroom.

By Andy Griffith