Fast Feedback

  • Reduce workload AND super-charge progress

  • A speedy model for verbal feedback

  • A time-saving approach for written feedback

  • A ready-made guide to promoting:

    • self-assessment
    • peer assessment
  • A toolkit to ensure your feedback promotes progress over time

Russell Grigg

Russell Grigg

Date: 8th Dec 2017

Dr Grigg is passionate about excellent teaching and is able to draw on more than twenty years experience in the primary field, as teacher, inspector, teacher trainer, leader, consultant, researcher and writer. A second edition of his best-selling book 'Becoming an Outstanding Primary Teacher' has recently been published.

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New feedback demands and opportunities

What Ofsted are looking for: evidence of Progress Over Time

Workbook scrutiny: Ofsted myth-busters

The research:

  • John Hattie
  • Dylan Wiliam
  • EEF

Your guide to fast, high-impact feedback

Discover how fast feedback can accelerate lesson planning

Give critique that pupils understand and value

Put ownership of learning into your students’ hands

Encourage pupil feedback

Foster two-way conversations about progress

“Feed forward” to ensure critique leads to improvement

Enhance mixed-ability teaching with group feedback

Evidence long-term impact

A complete armoury of rapid-fire feedback techniques

  • Verbal feedback
  • New technology
  • Questioning techniques
  • Immediate feedback
  • Stamps
  • Symbols
  • Fast feedback lesson plans
  • Group feedback methods

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