Fast Feedback

  • Reduce workload AND super-charge progress

  • A speedy model for verbal feedback

  • A time-saving approach for written feedback

  • A ready-made guide to promoting:

    • self-assessment
    • peer assessment
  • A toolkit to ensure your feedback promotes progress over time

Information on speakers coming soon.

New feedback demands and opportunities

What Ofsted are looking for: evidence of Progress Over Time

Workbook scrutiny: Ofsted myth-busters

The research:

  • John Hattie
  • Dylan Wiliam
  • EEF

Your guide to fast, high-impact feedback

Discover how fast feedback can accelerate lesson planning

Give critique that pupils understand and value

Put ownership of learning into your students’ hands

Encourage pupil feedback

Foster two-way conversations about progress

“Feed forward” to ensure critique leads to improvement

Enhance mixed-ability teaching with group feedback

Evidence long-term impact

A complete armoury of rapid-fire feedback techniques

  • Verbal feedback
  • New technology
  • Questioning techniques
  • Immediate feedback
  • Stamps
  • Symbols
  • Fast feedback lesson plans
  • Group feedback methods