Secondary Mathematics

  • How to develop growth mindsets in the context of new KS3/4 programmes of study:
    •  fluency
    • reasoning
    • problem solving
  • How to embed the latest research in mathematics:
    • Dweck’s Mindsets
    • Hattie’s Visible Learning
    • mastery curriculum
    • Boaler’s Inquiry-based Learning
  • New practical tools to raise attainment in 2017

Information on speakers coming soon.

The latest research

Carol Dweck’s 2008 paper: ‘Mindsets and Math/Science Achievement’

Jo Boaler: inquiry-based mathematics

The Sutton Trust and EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit

Dispel the ‘not a maths person’ myth

Ensure language and feedback feed the growth mindset

Power discussions about mathematical learning

Prove that mistakes fuel learning

Assess with the right messages about ability

Utilise mindsets as an antidote to high-stakes testing

Develop mathematical skill sets for life

Concrete strategies for improvement

  •  Parental involvement tips

  • Self-assessment templates

  • Multiple methods engagement tips

  • Ways to move away from memorisation

  • Ways to introduce brain plasticity

  • Tips to take students out of their comfort zones