Leadership Conference: Transformational Leadership versus Instructional Leadership

  • How to focus leadership on what has the most impact
  • Bringing together national and international evidence on student-centred leadership
  • Examining the practices that have the strongest effects on pupil outcomes
  • Turning theory into practice: leadership strategies which are timely and fit for purpose

If you want to promote better measurable outcomes for students, should your leadership emphasise:

A) vision and inspiration, focusing on establishing structures and cultures that enhance the quality of teaching and learning?


B) the importance of establishing clear educational goals, planning the curriculum and evaluating teachers and teaching?


What has a greater effect on students: transformational leadership or instructional leadership?

‘Instructional’ and ‘transformational’ are the two most commonly researched leadership models that have been identified as impacting on outcomes for students.

Join a panel of high-calibre leadership experts to find out:

  • key characteristics of each approach

  • which strategies to apply

  • how they should be combined, used, and changed over time

  • how to directly and indirectly promote better measurable outcomes for students

Topics covered include:

  • The research, the benefits and the evidence

  • Collective Efficacy

  • Theory of Action

  • Building Relational Trust

  • Leading Learning

  • Responsive Leadership Strategies

Qing Gu

Qing Gu

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Qing is a member of the Centre of Research in Educational Leadership. She is also Chair of the British Association for International and Comparative Education. Qing has previously worked with the DfE and EEF.

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Martin Morgan

Martin Morgan

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Martin's experience in the classroom along with leadership is driven by a desire to motivate learners through a creative curriculum, whilst raising standards. You will leave the day loaded with practical tools and strategies to implement when you return to school.

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Laura Kearney

Laura Kearney

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Laura has extensive experience of primary education including over 10 years as a Headteacher. She is at the forefront of the latest national changes in KS1 and is currently an independent trainer and coach. She has worked successfully with schools to improve teaching, develop effective approaches to CPD and improve outcomes for learners.

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John MacBeath

John MacBeath

Date: 29th Nov 2017

John is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge and the co-author of the report Inclusion: statements of intent. The 2015 report findings showed that special educational needs and disability provision in mainstream schools is worse than a decade ago. John was awarded an OBE in 1997 for his services to education.

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Guy Claxton

Guy Claxton

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Professor Guy Claxton is the founder of Building Learning Power - a world renowned practical framework for fostering lifelong learning in all young people. He is Visiting Professor of Education at King's College London as well as being the author of over 20 books. His practical ideas about how to expand young people's appetite and capacity for learning have influenced educational theory and practice across the world.

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Christopher Day

Christopher Day

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Christopher is Emeritus Professor of Education and Convenor of the Centre of Research on Educational Leadership in Management. He leads national and international research into the impact of leadership on improving pupils outcomes.

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Barry Worth

Barry Worth

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Barry has sixteen years experience teaching in secondary schools in Birmingham and Shropshire. He has held leadership positions in three different secondary schools. He has completed the Future Leaders programme, the NPQH and is currently working with a secondary school as a Visible Learning presenter. Barry has considerable experience in leading teaching and learning; the Progress 8 score for his current school places it in the top 5% of schools nationally.

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09:30 - 10:30

By Any Other Name - Leadership Reframed


It has become increasingly hard to detach 'leadership' from the images and conventions that the term evokes. 'Instructional Leadership' is a particularly uninspiring juxtaposition of concepts compared to some approaches: however, it deserves some critical interrogation as the ideas that underpin it impact on policy and day-to-day practice in schools and classrooms.

By Professor John MacBeath OBE


10:40 - 11:20

Leadership Effects: What Matters


Focus on empirical quantitative evidence that illustrates how successful leaders combine the too often dichotomised practices of transformational and instructional leadership in school improvement processes in ways that are responsive to the improvement needs and priorities of the school.

By Professor Qing Gu


11:20 - 11:50

Interactive Workshop


Selected Issues arising from the keynote will be discussed in groups.

By Professor Qing Gu & Professor Christopher Day


11:50 - 12:30

Who Successful Leaders Are, And What They Do


Examine the practices of successful principals, drawing on data from case studies and research internationally. This will show, with rich illustrations, how these principals drew upon, but were not restricted by, the key features of either transformational or instructional leadership models, but rather applied values-led, contextually responsive strategies to achieve and sustain success over time.

By Professor Christopher Day


13:30 - 14:15

Results PLUS: Leading the Learning Power School


When a school's leadership commits to developing every student's capacity to direct and manage their own learning, at the same time as raising results, each element of the school can be tweaked to support the core intention. Leading such a culture change is both highly demanding and intensely rewarding, This talk explains what it takes.

By Professor Guy Claxton


14:25 - 15:10

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 1


Instructional Leadership in Practice

- How instructional leadership is being used in a secondary setting. - How has it helped to bring about school improvement? - How do you develop instructional leadership in others?

By Barry Worth

Building Relational Trust - Open to Learning Conversations

- The importance of building effective relationships and trust to overcome the day-to-day challenges of the change process. - How it can facilitate accountability for shared standards, while also allowing staff to experience autonomy and mutual support.

By Martin Morgan


15:20 - 16:05

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 2


Creating a Theory of Action for Improving T&L

- Tools to help leaders develop a rationale behind the strategies they choose, and articulate the thinking behind decisions. - How to identify the supports needed to make the identified changes in practice.


Improve Student Outcomes with Collective Efficacy

- The principals behind the number one factor influencing student achievement (Professor John Hattie, 2016) - The successful leadership practices that have the potential to strengthen efficacy - Efficacy-enhancing professional learning structures

By Laura Kearney


16:10 - 16:40

Quality and Impact: How to Proceed as Leaders


Drawing together the key messages from the day.



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