Maths For Non-specialists in Secondary


  • How to deliver the maths curriculum efficiently and effectively
  • Deepen your subject knowledge to ensure student progress isn’t compromised
  • Be confident that your teaching is aligned to Ofsted requirements
  • Essential tools and strategies for:
    • Planning challenging lessons
    • Engaging learners
    • Teaching a tough curriculum
    • Assessing progress

Information on speakers coming soon.

Upskill ready for the national recruitment issues in Maths

Get to grips with the new GCSE maths curriculum

Unpick the latest research in high-impact maths teaching

Understand Ofsted’s latest maths agenda

SEND: supporting students who struggle

Ensure progress is not compromised by non-specialist teaching

Refresh your understanding of key mathematical concepts

Gain support from specialist colleagues

Apply the latest research on mastery and problem-solving

Reveal the importance of practice and habits for success

Accelerate learning while ensuring it sticks


A toolkit for teaching like a pro

  • Problem-solving frameworks
  • Accelerated learning techniques
  • Develop questioning skills
  • Assessment for learning techniques
  • Developing thinking skills
  • Maths Mysteries
  • Ideas to enhance engagement for all
  • Planning ideas for simple, yet effective, schemes of work