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Future of MFL: The New Secondary Curriculum

Prepare to deliver the new, rigorous national curriculum in September 2014
What government proposals mean for you:
Focus on core knowledge
Greater freedom over what is taught
Assessment without levels
New KS3 programme of study
Practical strategies for KS3/4:
How to meet the needs of all pupils

Martine Pillette Martine Pillette is an independent consultant, trainer and author specialising in MFL at KS2-5. She is regularly involved in national initiatives and is well-known for providing engaging, practical training. Much of her current work addresses issues recently raised by Ofsted.

Prepare for the most significant curriculum review since 1988

Unpick the new KS3 programme of study: what are the real changes?

Identify opportunities, challenges and potential pitfalls

Analyse what ‘core knowledge’ means for MFL

Clarify what is best to teach under new freedoms

Explore the links between ‘rigour’ and the communication imperative

From KS2 to GCSE: develop a view of the new KS3 curriculum in context

Practical activities for great learning

Tackle the return of transcription and translation at KS3

Bridge the potential gap between grammar and communication

Work towards a final exam GCSE at KS3

Retain a healthy balance between all skill areas

Tools, tactics and techniques for implementation

  • Tools to audit your existing curriculum
  • Methods to adapt current schemes of work
  • Techniques for effective assessment
  • Strategies to prepare staff for change
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Course Dates

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  • 27th November 2014
  • 1st December 2014
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  • 2nd December 2014
    Nottingham HS
  • 9th December 2014
    Hackney, London
£ 299.00 +VAT
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