Outdoor Learning

  • A step-by-step guide to creating an outdoor classroom
  • How to maximise your outdoor area whether it is a small tarmac space or a shared space
  • Games and activities to improve learning
  • Help you to be Ofsted ready

Information on speakers coming soon.

Setting up an outside learning environment

An in-depth breakdown of what areas should be included 

Making the transition to Year 1 with outdoor learning

Health and Safety aspects and risk assessments

Integrating play and learning

Seamless provision between indoor and outdoor learning

Using the environment as a learning tool for all areas of the curriculum

Extending opportunities for:

  • physical activity

  • learning through play

  • problem solving

  • imagination and creativity

  • communication, language and literacy  

Practical activities and resources

Ideas for developing prop boxes, resource lists and best websites

Ideas for developing the outdoor classroom on a shoestring budget

Case studies and examples from practice

A list of possible sources of funding