Outstanding Teaching

A proven process to shoot up an Ofsted level

  • A proven process to shoot up an Ofsted level
  • Focus on Ofsted’s requirements:
    • progress over time 
    • no lesson grades
    • workbook scrutiny 
    • impact on learning
  • Discover the ‘BIG FOUR’ – unpick the four areas of high quality teaching and learning
  • How to measure your impact as a teacher

Information on speakers coming soon.


How to meet the highest Ofsted requirements

Unpick Ofsted’s latest criteria for Outstanding

Clarify how to reach Outstanding over time

Ensure your teaching is evidence influenced

The 90% interactive course that really ‘walks the talk’

Identify the 4 key areas that great teachers have mastered

Plan effectively with the Teaching Backwards topic planner

Understand engagement and what motivates learners

Know how to stretch and challenge all pupils

Become an expert at both giving feedback and receiving it

Proven tools to ensure long-term progress

Learn the best way to use pre-assessment for each topic you teach

Demystify success for learners through a variety of methods

The CATER© process for differentiation

Innovative ways to model, explain and question effectively

Develop more confident, independent learners

How to develop teaching through video analysis

Learn the secrets of the way high-impact teachers operate