In-School Training

The Osiris Educational In-School training service puts the control over your training in your hands. This 5-star service is the ideal way to embed Outstanding practice throughout your school, delivering exactly what you want and need to improve performance.

OT inset
Thousands of teachers from across the UK have been entertained, inspired and empowered by Outstanding Teaching in-school training.
Start by breaking down the steps every teacher must take to become “outstanding” and then see how to make it a reality. Packed with practical resources, relatable shared experiences and fresh teaching approaches, every teacher will gain new techniques to challenge and enrich their pupils.
For any school aspiring to “outstanding” in teaching and learning, an Outstanding Teaching in-school training day is the ideal solution.

An intensive one-day training session for school leaders which delivers real results in teaching and learning and embeds successful practices across your school.
Ensure a culture of outstanding teaching spreads across your school, taking every member of the school community with you.
Work closely with our experienced trainers to develop a realistic action plan, and put your school on the road to success.

ROT inset
Enable all teachers and leaders to maximise the opportunities for independent learning, engagement, challenge, feedback and AfL. in all of their lessons.
Developed from over 1,000 observations’ worth of ideas, this is the essential toolkit of resources, structures and ideas to constantly engage, motivate, challenge and inspire every pupil every time.