Osiris Teaching Intervention

The Osiris Teaching Intervention is a sustainable process which has been independently proven to raise teachers’ performance by 1 Ofsted Level.

Working with a cohort of teachers, the Osiris Teaching Intervention focuses on 3 modules which are at the heart of improving Teaching and Learning:

Using a range of techniques, assessments and feedback, The Osiris Teaching Intervention is designed to create long-term, measurable changes to teaching:

  • Video recording for improved analysis and future planning
  • Risk taking and experimentation to encourage innovative thinking
  • Immediate feedback for immediate impact
  • Coaching to help teachers feel empowered
  • Deep conversations about professionalism

To find out about how the Osiris Teaching Intervention is already making a deep and sustained impact in schools, read case studies or watch videos from schools who have already taken part.

Please download our Guide to the Osiris Teaching Intervention to learn about the processes involved in an Osiris Teaching Intervention and the outcomes that can be expected for yourself, your teachers and your school.