Perfect Marking in Science

  • Prepare for Ofsted’s 2017 workbook inspections
  • Upgrade your marking and feedback to ensure all pupils:
    • make rapid progress
    • deepen learning
    • know how to improve
    • are engaged
  • Mark smarter, not harder: plans to reduce marking time

Information on speakers coming soon.

A new approach to marking and assessment

Unpick Ofsted’s criteria for marking and assessment

Surpass Ofsted’s expectations for workbook inspections

Clarify the Prof. Hattie research and its impact on effective teaching


A realist’s guide to marking and assessment

Create a meaningful “marking dialogue” to produce real and lasting change

Develop a consistent approach to marking

Implement peer- and self-assessment techniques

Personalise learning through differentiated and qualitative feedback

Provide feedback with clear direction on how to improve

Demonstrate progress from marking and feedback


A practical toolkit to reclaim your evenings

  • DIRT strategies

  • Template science marking policy

  • Practical constructive feedback techniques

  • Methods to encourage pupils’ responses

  • Marking check sheet

  • Examples of outstanding marking practice