Perfect Spanish Teaching

  •  A complete guide to perfect Spanish teaching in the new Curriculum 2014
  •  New models and approaches for:
    • assessment without levels
    • progress planning
    • phonics teaching
    • grammar teaching
  •  Techniques to boost engagement and uptake with authentic resources

Information on speakers coming soon.

A new curriculum: a new opportunity

Spanish in the new National Curriculum

Unpick Ofsted’s Outstanding criteria

New phonics-based approaches to teaching pronunciation

Alternative grammar teaching styles

Spanish is for life, not just for GCSE

Audit current schemes of work

Differentiate with new KS2 transition issues in mind

Engage the whole ability range

Develop independent learning

Integrate Spanish culture into all lessons

Assess and report without levels

Increase uptake to KS4 and beyond

Tools and tactics for success:

  • Lesson plans
  • Listening tasks
  • ICT tools to enhance learning
  • Assessment templates
  • Feedback ideas
  • Authentic resource examples
  • Tools to monitor progress
  • Resources to engage mixed-experience classes