Philosophy for Children

  • How one hour of P4C per week can accelerate progress by two months over the school year
  • Ways to embed the enquiry process into any subject
  • Practical examples for using:
    • facilitation
    • deep questioning
    • critical thinking skills
    • pupil voice

Information on speakers coming soon.

What the research says about the impact of P4C

Unpick EEF research findings

Reveal how P4C:

  • is cost effective 

  • improves writing, reading & maths

  • improves results of disadvantaged pupils 

Understand how P4C improves more than attainment:

  • communication skills

  • self-esteem

  • behaviour 

  • respect and understanding

  • social responsibility

  • reflective thinking


A guide to embed P4C for all seasons and subjects

Embrace failure as integral to learning

Plan learning risks and explore teaching practices

Generate a shared vision of P4C in the curriculum

Explore and amplify pupil voice


The toolkit to stretch mental dexterity

  • 12 practical tips to advance listening skills

  • 11 ideas to enrich evaluation and assessment

  • 10 P4C avenues for your school to explore

  • 5 key processes to nurture growth mindsets

  • 21 story and video ideas to start philosophical dialogue