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In last year’s primary school tests 15 per cent of pupils did not reach the standard expected at Key Stage 1 and 16 per cent were below the standard expected at Key Stage 2. England has slipped down the international table for reading in primary schools.

Explicit, direct instruction in phonics has been proven to support the beginning of reading and spelling growth better than opportunistic attention to phonics while reading.

The video below is a look at one school’s experience, encouraging pupils to start reading, writing and enjoying books, using phonics. Headteacher, Alex Lundie, at Broadmead Infant’s School, Croydon, was initially sceptical over the Rose Report recommendations but saw significant results. Source (Teacher’s TV/TES)

Osiris Educational is proud to present to you our ground breaking phonics training courses which will ensure all your students will, whatever their ability, succeed.

Phonics Match-Funding

How does it work?

It is easy to get your government funding for Osiris phonics products.  Eligible schools can spend up to £6000 on training/resources and claim back up to £3000.

  • Place your order with Osiris Educational
  • We will notify the funding provider of the details of your order.
  • The funding provider will verify that your school has sufficient funding available
  • We will invoice your school for the full cost of the training
  • Your school claims match funding from their funding provider (i.e. 50% of the cost of the training).

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