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  • Educating the More Able: What Works and Why

    • Unpick the most significant research ever conducted into teaching the most able
    • Overcome the 5 most common mistakes made when teaching the most able 
    • Take away a proven programme based on international best practice
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  • Teaching and Learning Conference 2017

    • Keeping the Focus on Teaching and Learning: No gimmicks. No jargon. Just good practice, distilled
    • Build on the best of practical pedagogy and combine it with new and emerging research
    • Featuring a Keynote from Professor John Hattie on the latest T&L research
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  • The Perfect Assistant Head

    • How to overcome the 5 challenges: 
      • being an excellent leader
      • prioritising tasks
      • becoming outstanding
      • building teams
      • supporting your headteacher                    
    • How to continuously improve your performance 
    • Deliver perfection in line with Ofsted’s new inspection framework 
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  • The Welsh Assessment Conference

    • The guru’s 2017 guide to:
      • Rejecting ‘teaching to the test’
      • Accepting high-quality formative assessment
    • Respond to the educational improvement plan's focus on strengthening assessment
    • Align assessment with the purpose of learning; assessing what matters
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  • Unhelpful Marking

    • Dispel the false assumptions about marking: - what Ofsted REALLY expect to see
      - what government guidance says
      - what the teacher standards say
    • Adopt a “meaningful, manageable and motivating” perspective to marking*
    • Have the confidence to reject decisions that increase burdens for staff
    • * as described by the Independent Teacher Workload Review Group
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