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  • Growth Mindsets in Practice Conference 2016

    Carol is back by popular demand following the huge success of her Osiris 2014 tour.
    • Practical teaching techniques to embed a growth mindset culture across your whole school
    • Leadership strategies
    • Awkward truths explored
    • Move beyond ‘fixed’ vs ‘growth’ mindsets
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  • Instructional Leadership Conference 2017

    • Focusing leaders on what matters most: learner progression
    • Learn how instructional leadership can have up to FOUR times the impact of transformational leadership
    • Strategies, actions and behaviours to successfully lead improvement
    • Practical sessions to develop your leadership toolkit:
      • Impact teams
      • Collective efficacy (Hattie’s New #1)
      • Open to learning
      • Models of learning
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  • Mindfest: The Growing Mindsets Convention 2016

    • The secrets of implementing Growth Mindsets exposed
    • Learn the real growth Mindsets strategies on how to lead a learning school
    • Discover the best way to lead growth Mindsets
    • Dispel the myths and know how to make a real difference
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  • Quality of Teaching Conference 2018

    • Ensure teachers have the tools to help every learner achieve at least one year’s progress
    • 1+1 = 3: how MATs and Federations of schools can develop the quality of teachers
    • Design teacher learning to ensure their performance improves year on year
    • Reduce workload, uncertainty and variance of teacher quality
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  • The Teacher Development Standards Conference 2016

    • The new Teacher Development Standards in practice
    • Key issues and the way forward:
      • Training and CPD
      • Recruitment and retention
      • Adoption of national standards
      • ITT models
    • What your school needs to do now to be most effective at CPD
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