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  • Lower Set Teaching with Impact

    • How to develop your teaching to have an impact on student outcomes
    • Hands-on ideas to motivate unwilling learners
    • Practical strategies for:
      • developing Invisible Classroom Management
      • building Growth Mindsets 
      • maximising Teaching Assistants
      • raising attainment
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  • Mindsets

    • Promote and embed growth mindsets in classrooms
    • Put Carol Dweck’s Mindsets theory into practice
    • Increase the achievement of students and staff
    • Link to Ofsted ‘Personal Development and Welfare’
    • Ways to increase challenge and growth Mindsets:
      • Effort
      • Challenge
      • Feedback
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  • New to Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

    • Up-to-the-minute National updates in G&T - from Ofsted demands to Mindsets and Mastery
    • Your first year in action - how to successfully:
      • identify G&T students
      • impact on progress
      • self-evaluate
      • ensure consistency
    • An action plan proven to help busy colleagues make a daily difference to gifted pupils
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  • Perfect Marking in Maths

    • In response to the national teacher workload review
    • Time-light approaches to common methods:
      • deep marking
      • triple marking
      • next day feedback
    • A 5-point-plan to ensure marking and feedback speeds up progress and achievement
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  • Secondary Mathematics

    • How to develop growth mindsets in the context of new KS3/4 programmes of study:
      •  fluency
      • reasoning
      • problem solving
    • How to embed the latest research in mathematics:
      • Dweck’s Mindsets
      • Hattie’s Visible Learning
      • mastery curriculum
      • Boaler’s Inquiry-based Learning
    • New practical tools to raise attainment in 2017
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