Primary Turnaround

A proven process to get to Outstanding in under 2 years

  • How to move your school up one Ofsted Level 
  • A model template to change your:
    • culture
    • systems
    • individuals
  • Practical leadership actions to excel under tough new Floor Standards (65%)
  • An evidence kit to show your success to inspectors

Information on speakers coming soon.


The changing role of school leadership

Ofsted 2016: tougher criteria

Floor standards: 65% target

KS1 and KS2 tests: 2017 changes

No National Curriculum levels: a consistent approach

A step-by-step guide to move up an Ofsted grade

Restructure your school (without getting rid of staff)

Change your learning environment (without breaking the bank)

Build a curriculum around each child (without working 24/7)

Plan lessons differently (to encourage progress over time)

Assess learning accurately (without curriculum levels)

Train all staff in immersive learning (while meeting national standards)

A toolkit promising to make Outstanding achievable

  • Flexible and radical timetabling approaches
  • Personalised curriculum designs
  • Staff recruitment and retention strategies
  • Succession planning and ‘grow your own’ talent ideas