Question like a Champion

Make questions the most powerful part of your teaching

  • A modern-day take on the finest approaches:
    • Lemov’s questioning
    • Hattie’s classroom discussion
    • Bloom’s taxonomy
    • Socratic questioning
  • Find answers to burning questions such as:
    • What are the best questions to ask?
    • How many questions should students get right?
    • What is the best way to respond to pupils’ answers?
  • All the classroom tools you’ll ever need to:
    • challenge pupils
    • encourage deep thinking
    • accelerate progress
    • develop student resilience

Information on speakers coming soon.

Teachers have asked questions for centuries. What is new?

Fresh approaches from topical educators including:

  • Professor John Hattie

  • Doug Lemov

Recent focus by Ofsted on seeing questioning done well

Updated National Curriculum with a need for deeper knowledge


Teachers ask up to 300 questions a day. How do I make every one count?

Plan questions that link with lesson objectives

Create a challenging questioning environment

Use questions to promote higher-order thinking

Access a questioning matrix to construct differentiated questions

Routinely assess progress through questioning


Teachers like practical resources. What will I take away?

  • CoRT skills

  • Coaching strategies using the GROW model

  • Question prompt sheets using Bloom’s taxonomy

  • Socratic questioning templates