Safeguarding LGBT+ Conference

  • Discover how to include LGBT topics in the curriculum

  • Learn how to respond to overt and covert LGBT issues

  • Tackle the ever important issue of online safeguarding

  • Help normalise being out for both students and staff

  • Understand the impact of homophobia/transphobia on young people who are LGBT, including their relationships

Why is tackling LGBT issues so important?

  • The School Report (2017), a survey by Cambridge University, found that:
  • 45% of lesbian, gay, bi and trans young people are bullied for being LGBT.
  • 86% hear the phrases ‘that’s so gay’ or ‘you’re so gay’ whilst in school.
  • 40% of lesbian, gay, bi and trans young people are never taught anything about LGBT issues at school.

Find out how LGBT issues affect:


Mental health

Physical and online safety

Confidence levels

Future relationships and opportunities

Who is this conference suitable for?

  • Headteachers

  • Deputy/Assistant Heads

  • Middle Leaders

  • Teachers

  • TAs

The Teachers’ Report (2014), carried out by YouGov for Stonewall, found that:

  • 9 out of 10 secondary school teachers say students in their schools are bullied, harassed or called names for being – or being perceived as being – lesbian, gay or bi.

  • 86% of primary school teachers have not received any specific training on how to tackle homophobic bullying.

Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt

Date: 13th Mar 2018

Dr Peter DeWitt is a former headteacher, Visible Learning trainer and acclaimed author. He offers international insight into collaborative leadership, inclusive school climates and connected learning.

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Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon

Date: 13th Mar 2018

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Jonny Hunt

Jonny Hunt

Date: 13th Mar 2018

Jonny is the founder of Going off the Rails and works with local authorities, schools, youth clubs, nurses and voluntary organisations on issues surrounding sex, relationships and personal identity. He works on issues such as sexuality, homophobic bullying, identity and emotional well-being.

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Boo Spurgeon

Boo Spurgeon

Date: 13th Mar 2018

Boo is the former Head of PSHE in a school that gained the Sheffield Gold Award for LGBT-friendly Schools in Sheffield. She also led the National Healthy Schools PSHE CPD certification. Boo is passionate about LGBT inclusion, creating an environment where students and staff feel able to be open about their sexuality.

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10:00 - 11:00

All means all: safeguarding LGBT students


Ideas to impact and engage all LGBT populations: - Learn about LGBT populations - Understand if your school climate is either inclusive or exclusive - Images all students need to see - Literature and curriculum LGBT students can relate to - Implementing a student code of conduct and student safeguards - Supporting gay–straight alliances

By Dr Peter DeWitt


11:15 - 12:15

Supporting mental health in LGBT+ students


- Investigate factors that contribute to mental health problems in LGBT individuals - Find out about interventions designed to reduce distress in LGBT individuals - Discuss issues surrounding anxiety disorders, gender nonconformity, bullying and self-esteem in sexual LGBT adolescents



13:15 - 14:15

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 1


Helping schools out of the closet

- Promote and support emotional well-being in LGBT students - Identify the level of parental involvement: safeguarding questions and the links between school and home - How to challenge homo/transphobic attitudes and bullying - Supporting trans pupils who come out: their rights and the schools responsibilities

By Jonny Hunt

Gender-neutral primary schools

- How to combat harmful gender stereotypes in your school - Step-by-step guide to creating a gender-neutral classroom, including how to: - change your environment - establish an inclusive language policy - get pupils, parents and staff on board



14:30 - 15:30

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 2


They’re not just your gay students: normalising being out

- Being gay is a part of a student’s character, but not the whole part - Conversations that make being gay normal - The language we use: is it inclusive or exclusive?

By Dr Peter DeWitt

Sex education

- Context for inclusive Sex and Relationship Education lessons - What we can do, why we must do it, and why we do not - Discover what happens when we create inclusive SRE – and what young people have to say about it - Take away lots of quick wins and longer-term gains that you can implement in your school

By Boo Spurgeon


15:40 - 16:30

Why do children turn to the internet?


- The importance of social networks (for example, places to belong) - Why do students who are not accepted at home or in school turn to social media? - Discuss the positive elements of using the internet to explore the world - Be aware of the dark side of social media, including grooming - Resources you should know about, including GLSEN, Gay-Straight Alliance, community centres

By Dr Peter DeWitt


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£349 + VAT

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£329 + VAT

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