SEND 2017: Social, Emotional and Mental Health


  • A complete guide to the third category of the SEND Code of Practice
  • Clarify how Ofsted will inspect the new category
  • Know how to identify and support SEMH successfully
  • Hands-on supplies to take back to school:
    • mental health journals
    • counselling options
    • extra pastoral support ideas 

Information on speakers coming soon.

The national drive for mental health support

Clarify the SEND law and funding for SEMH

Unpick the government’s latest thinking: be ready for further change

Analyse the differences between BSED and SEMH

Know what Ofsted will look for

Reveal what information you must publish online

Update your SEND strategy and Behaviour policy

A guide to embed emotional well-being in every-day practice 

Identify children with SEMH

Discuss the underlying causes of SEMH

Create clear processes to support children with SEMH

Train all staff successfully

Work closely with parents

Monitor the effectiveness of your provision 

A complete toolkit to share with colleagues

Mental health journals

Counselling options

Extra pastoral support ideas

Practical support strategies to deal with:

  • self-harm
  • substance abuse
  • eating disorders
  • depression 
  • anxiety