Thrive Under Short, Sharp Inspections

  • 1 in 4 ‘Good’ schools are downgraded under new short inspections, be sure it’s not you
  • Ensure your school and pupils are not “coasting”
  • Key strategies for robust, yet painless, preparation
  • A toolkit to maintain or exceed your ‘Good’ rating under proportionate inspections
Ken Reid

Ken Reid

Date: 14th Nov 2017

Professor Reid OBE is always in high demand and is well known as an entertaining presenter.  He is widely recognized as the leading international expert in the field, currently assisting a number of failing authorities in both England and Wales improving attendance as well as working with some 42 underachieving schools, all of which have serious attendance problems.

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The new challenge to schools from Ofsted

An in-depth look at how the inspections are being conducted

Discover what the change of chief inspector means for Ofsted visits

Clarify what the focus is

Understand what the possible outcomes are

Know how to prepare


Infuse your preparation with Ofsted know-how

First impressions: getting your website right (the first thing inspectors look at)

A key focus: demonstrating the breadth and balance of your curriculum

Data: providing the most up-to-date snapshot performance

Self-evaluation: know your priorities and areas of focus

Professional dialogue: utilise the discussions between heads and inspectors

Harnessing the ‘parent factor’: awareness and appreciation of their views

Next steps: use these inspections as a springboard to Outstanding


Practical ideas for ‘light touch’ inspections

  • Summary of key changes

  • A map of timelines

  • A checklist for preparation

  • Exemplar SEFs

  • How to spot the signs of decline

  • An action plan to implement after notification

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