Quality of Teaching Conference 2018

A Model for Teaching Excellence

  • Ensure teachers have the tools to help every learner achieve at least one year’s progress

  • 1+1 = 3: how MATs and Federations of schools can develop the quality of teachers

  • Design teacher learning to ensure their performance improves year on year

  • Reduce workload, uncertainty and variance of teacher quality

Unpick the state of the nation – where are UK teachers in the world rankings? Explore the reasons for the differences in quality of teaching in UK schools, and find out why we need to be better learners. Discover how your organisation can be a fertile place for adult learning.

Andy and Mark share techniques to:

  • Reduce the variance of teaching within

  • schools and MATs

  • Understand the 3 barriers to teachers being higher performers:

    • Cognitive overload

    • Low relational trust

    • Perception gaps

Crystal-clear clarity

Help leaders and teachers to be clear about:

  • What education is for

  • Your school’s/MAT’s aims and visions

  • The pedagogy that has the most impact on children and young people

  • The difference between deep and moderate subject understanding

The jenga of trust

Build a culture of reflection, evaluation and risk-taking

Develop relational trust and what not to do

Create a high-trust, high-accountability organisation

How to model openness to learning

Did you see the gorilla?

How we delude ourselves that we’re better than we really are

Build systems that enable us to close perception gaps:

  • Baseline diagnostics

  • Rubrics to improve practice

  • Video analysis

  • Stakeholder surveys

Every teacher improves every year

  • Ensure your systems and culture enable teachers to make more impact on learners

  • Improve teachers’ time management

  • Design effective meetings

  • Improve teachers in the workflow – lesson feedback and informal learning

  • Design high-impact CPD that can be delivered in-house

First delegate rate

£299 + VAT

Additional delegate rate

£279 + VAT

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