Troubled Teens

  • Cause and effect; the guide to identification and intervention

  • Embed a proactive, whole-school approach to prevent behavioural fall-out

  • Meet the emotional well-being and mental health needs of your teenage pupils

  • Key strategies to support:

    • pupil monitoring
    • in-school support
    • external agencies
    • dealing with disclosure

Information on speakers coming soon.

Address the government drive to improve student welfare

  • Pupil safeguarding

  • Staff vigilance

  • Behaviour and attendance

  • Safeguarding

Meet Ofsted’s requirements for safeguarding and well-being

Unpick the latest psychological research for adolescents


The guide to identification and intervention

Develop an understanding of the support needed and issues faced

Explore the multiple impacts:

  • psychological fall-out

  • behavioural fall-out

  • impact on learning

  • impact on the class

Know how best to intervene and support individual pupils

Monitor pupil well-being and development constructively

Understand pupil referral and external involvement

Building a support network:

  • within school

  • outside of school

  • with parents


Whole-school strategies to support pupils

  • pupil monitoring techniques

  • various support methods

  • counselling skills

  • strategies for parental involvement

  • team support strategies

  • guidance on how to approach pupils