Visible Learning Plus with John Hattie

What works best for student achievement?

  • Understand the world’s most powerful research into student achievement
  • Uncover the key messages of Visible Learning
  • Move your teaching and learning forward by knowing what good learning
    • looks like
    • sounds like
    • feels like
  • Embed the teaching strategies proven to make a measurable difference

Join John Hattie to clarify what learning progress looks like in practice. Visible Learningplus offers a way of thinking about teaching and learning that has universal application.

  • Realign and reconsider your core purpose as a school– and how to achieve it

  • Know which strategies have the biggest effect, and which you can drop

  • Bring whole-school cohesion to Teaching and Learning

  • Understand how teachers’ mindframes hold the key to lasting change

  • Further promote attainment and achievement for all children by inspiring and empowering every teacher, in every classroom, to utilise Visible Learning concepts 



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Laura Kearney

Laura Kearney

Date: 16th Jun 2017

Laura has extensive experience of primary education including over 10 years as a Headteacher. She is at the forefront of the latest national changes in KS1 and is currently an independent trainer and coach. She has worked successfully with schools to improve teaching, develop effective approaches to CPD and improve outcomes for learners.

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John Hattie

John Hattie

Date: 16th Jun 2017

John Hattie is an internationally acclaimed education researcher. He is recognised as a master at figuring out what helps students to learn. He has won awards for services to education. The author of 14 books and the director of the research institute at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Professor Hattie is an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker.

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10:30 - 12:00

The Visible Learning Research


Based on his cutting-edge research, Professor Hattie articulates the key findings from Visible Learning research to show you how to make learning visible: - Unpick 25+ years of research. - Apply this research in your school. - Measure the impact of learning interventions.

By Professor John Hattie


12:00 - 13:00

Visible Learners


What is an assessment-capable learner, and what are their characteristics? Learn how to use assessments and assessment results with your students.

By Laura Kearney


14:00 - 14:50

Know Thy Impact


Understand how to use effect sizes as a useful way to measure progress.

By Professor John Hattie


14:50 - 15:50

Effective Feedback


A model for feedback which doubles the speed of learning.

By Laura Kearney


16:00 - 16:45

Mindframes for Change


Find out how teacher mindframes hold the key to lasting change.

By Professor John Hattie


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