A-Level MFL

  • Ideas to teach the tough content effectively:
    • culture, literature and film
    • more critical and analytical thinking
    • more accurate language in speech and writing
  • Strategies to prepare students for linear exams
  • 25 ways to develop independent learners while exceeding exam demands

Information on speakers coming soon.

Bridge the gap from GCSE

Accelerated grammar learning

Producing novel or complex sentences

Boosting student confidence both orally and in writing


How to inspire the next generation of outstanding linguists

Recognise differences between Ofsted’s Good and Outstanding

Deliver outstanding lessons that ignite students’ passion

Create assessment methods tailored for post-16

Make language learning relevant to the students’ world

Build clear feedback channels and action plans for students

Prepare! Ensure you stay ahead of the very able


Sixth form teaching strategies to develop outstanding learners

  • Learning through games
  • Managing pair and groupwork
  • Studying literature
  • Lesson fillers 


The essential survival kit to develop sixth form study skills

  • Thinking skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Independent Learning
  • Oral topic research
  • Essay writing and essay planning