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Academic Resilience

An evidence-informed initiative that targets student achievement and welfare

The Academic Resilience Programme (ARP) is an evidence-informed initiative that targets student achievement as well as welfare by developing academic buoyancy and resilience.

All students will experience poor performance, challenge and pressure at some point during their time at school. What is crucial is that they learn how to cope with these ‘challenge points’.

Academic buoyancy– a capacity to overcome setbacks, challenges and difficulties that are part of academic life. For example, poor grades, competing deadlines and exam pressure.

Academic resilience– a capacity to overcome acute and/or chronic adversity that can be a major threat to a student’s development.

The Academic Resilience Programme has been developed over a number of years to become a high-impact intervention. It offers highly practical strategies to build resilience and buoyancy, whilst also drawing from the best evidence to save staff hours in research time.

When learning gets demanding, the programme will make sure your pupils aren’t switching off and are ready to meet the challenge.

Interested in attending a course on academic resilience? Click here to see the latest course, presented by the UK’s leading expert in academic resilience, Steve Ingle.

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