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Develop successful learners with exactly the right 'nudges', at exactly the right time

The Academic Resilience Programme uses an evidence-informed scale to demonstrate precisely what ‘nudge’ each of your pupils need, and exactly when you should give it to them, so they can understand how to be a successful learner.

Do your pupils love praise, but hate or ignore feedback?

Do members of your class stop trying as soon as they don’t know the answer?

Do you always know what is blocking student progress ?

Do your students give up at the first sign of struggle or have negative emotional reactions when they don’t get it right first time?

These issues can be frustrating, but teachers and teaching assistants can unwittingly short circuit the learning process when they allow pupils to give up when they get stuck.

Unsurprisingly, numerous studies have highlighted the relationship between academic resilience and positive academic achievement. With Ofsted’s focus increasingly on learner’s personal development and welfare, targeting academic resilience could also lead to your pupils being happier at school with the creation of their own personal development toolkit.

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