Advanced Leadership Practice Conference

  • Professor Andy Hargreaves brings a worldwide search for advanced leadership practices to the UK.

  • Combine evidence and practice to adopt collaborative professionalism into your own and your team’s day-to-day work.

  • Unpick the core Advanced Leadership principles

  • Discover Advanced Leadership practices to implement in your school/classroom

Why Advanced Leadership Practice?

The world has moved on. People are reluctant to be led in a top-down manner. The skill set leaders require today is very different to what it was.

Advanced Leadership Practice is based on evidence-based collaborative processes, built with well-being and sustainability in mind and inclusion at the centre.

Andy will enable you to combine evidence and practice to adopt collaborative professionalism into your own and your team’s day-to-day work.

Core Advanced Leadership principles:

  • Collective autonomy

  • Collective efficacy

  • Collaborative inquiry

  • Collective responsibility

  • Collective initiative

  • Mutual dialogue

  • Joint work

  • Common meaning/purpose

  • Big-picture thinking

  • Collaboration with students

Advanced Leadership Practices:

  • Deliberate design process

  • Feedback protocols

  • Separating criticism from critics

  • Lesson study

  • Circulating ideas and strategies

  • Strengthening trust

  • Role-alike curriculum planning

  • Abandoning bad collaboration

  • Cooperative learning for teachers

  • Teacher-led learning communities

09:40 - 10:40

An Introduction to Advanced Leadership Practices


- Unpick top-down and bottom-up leadership strategies – when they work, when they do not. - The big idea of collaborative professionalism: more specificity of design, more solidarity of mutual support. - Distinguishing good from bad collaboration: not too weak, not too forced. - The seven arrows of progress.

By Professor Andy Hargreaves


11:00 - 12:00

Designing Leadership for Collaborative Professionalism


- Deliberately designing collaborative professionalism. - Five designs – lesson study with critical feedback, teacher-led learning communities, co-created networks online and face-to-face, cooperative learning for teachers, circulating practices among teachers. - Analysing condensed case studies.

By Professor Andy Hargreaves


13:00 - 14:00

Advanced Leadership: How to learn intelligently from others


The 4 Bs of collaborative professionalism: - Before: How to forensically examine models and success to see how they evolved over time - Betwixt: Understand and work with the prevailing cultures - Beyond: Learning from elsewhere (best practices from around the world) - Beside: How to directly support your school system through LAs, MATs, networks, etc.

By Professor Andy Hargreaves


14:15 - 15:15

Applying Essential Principles to Your Own Practice


- Difficult conversations and honest feedback in a professional frame - Ways of collaborating with pupils - Consensual goal setting beyond attainment - Co-construction of the change process - Sharing and living the self-motivating dream

By Professor Andy Hargreaves


15:25 - 15:45

Questions to Professor Andy Hargreaves



By Professor Andy Hargreaves