Assessment beyond Levels


  • A mastery assessment system that:
    • tracks pupils’ depth and understanding 
    • shows that National Standards have been met or mastered
    • makes data collection manageable
  • How to use this system with:
    • new test and teacher assessments
    • latest accountability measures
  • An implementation plan to embed this model:
    • department/key stage level
    • school-wide

Information on speakers coming soon.

Clarify latest DfE and Ofsted requirements for KS1-4

Getting to grips with ‘mastery’ in the latest curriculum

Ofsted expectations for assessment without levels

A guide to embedding your own approaches to assessment

Ensure assessment and feedback:

  • support learning

  • help pupils know how to improve

Implement peer and self-assessment

Target setting at group and individual pupil level

Empower pupils as masters of their own learning

Create an assessment framework that is relevant to your pupils

Utilise assessment data to secure pupils’ progress

Develop learning independence

A suite of practical strategies

  • Assessment frameworks

  • Comment-only marking methods

  • Case studies of outstanding practice

  • Report techniques to parents

  • Personalised learning

  • Progress monitoring