Dr Bill Rogers' Managing the Challenging Class

  • How to re-establish yourself with a hard class
  • Practical strategies for promoting co-operative behaviour 
  • Techniques for managing challenging behaviour so every child can progress in lessons

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Developing co-operative behaviour in the classroom

Change patterns of unacceptable and confronting behaviours

Examine real situations and dilemmas

Develop a rights and responsibilities framework


Step-by-step guide to establish:

  • what makes a class ‘challenging’

  • fundamental rights and responsibilities

  • essential, fair rules

  • core routines for learning and classroom life

  • necessary consequences

  • a class behaviour plan


Bill Rogers’ approaches to address challenging behaviour patterns

Step-by-step guide to starting afresh

Pupil behaviour agreement

Class routines and rules

Mediation methods

Accountability and consequence strategies

Behaviour evaluation templates

Easy reference guides for support