Engaging Learners- New book shares the lessons of thousands of observations

1 October, 2012

“At the end of every week many teachers leave school exhausted. In an era when responsibility for exam results lies with them and not their students it’s time to readdress the balance so that students take more of the responsibility for their learning. Engaging learners unpicks intrinsic motivation, the foundation that underpins a productive learning environment and helps to develop independent learning.” Crown House publishing 2012

 Left to right: Author Mark Burns, the cover of Engaging Learners, Author Andy Griffith.

Andy Griffith and Mark Burns’ new release, Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners stretches beyond the usual quirky tips you will have heard time and time again, leaving the reader with an achievable, effective plan to improve their teaching.

The book follows seven years work, in partnership with the outstanding teaching programme from Osiris Educational. It focuses on the four elements of what make up an outstanding lesson. Backed up by solid pedagogical research from the likes of John Hattie and Carol Dweck, aswell as thousands of lesson observations and years of teaching experience, this is a book with real potential to impact teachers lives and students outcomes.

Written in the same humorous, thought-provoking style with which they both teach and train,Griffith and Burns aim to challenge all who teach, from NQTs to seasoned professionals, to reflect on their day-to-day practice and set an agenda for sustainable improvement.

Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners has already garnered glowing reviews from leading educational figures, as well as teachers and school leaders across the country. It is available now from online retailers.

“What a treat…an engaging book emphasizing the core qualities of teaching while making it sound fun.” Professor John Hattie, Melbourne Education Research Institute

“Andy and Mark have managed to distil the work they do alongside teachers on their course programmes into print in a way that is readable and practical: no mean achievement!” Professor Mick Waters, Wolverhampton University

“The magic of this book is the motivational way in which it is written. Teachers cannot fail to be engaged by its down to earth style. The instant classroom tips which professionals can gain are evident on each and every page. A great and practical read!”Anne PontifexHeadteacher, St John Bosco Arts College

Outstanding Teaching reflects Andy and Mark`s views that all teachers can be enabled to improve with the right support and guidance that is tied to clear criteria that allows them to see how to move forward. The strength of the book comes from the number of strategies that are included, alongside real-life examples that can support classroom teachers in engaging students. To learn, students have to be engaged this book gives a route map of what engagement is, what it looks like and the strategies needed to achieve it.” Ian Young, Principal, Rainford High Technology College

“Steeped in the real-world exigencies of classroom life, yet also respectful of the theoretical models that underpin high-quality learning, this is an admirable book. Being much more than another compendium of engaging lesson ideas, Outstanding Teaching relates these hands-on ideas to a conceptually neat framework for promoting outstanding teaching and learning. Joe Renzulli taught us that hands-on needn’t mean brains-off, and it certainly doesn’t here. The authors have distilled their years of experience in and around classrooms into an easily-accessible and usable text. When motivation meets empowerment, shift happens. This book will generate shift.” Barry Hymer Professor of Psychology in Education, Education Faculty, University of Cumbria

About Outstanding Teaching

Outstanding Teaching has been developed over 7 years by Andy Griffith, Mark Burns and Stephen Cox. The Outstanding Teaching Training Intervention is a personalized, intensive training programme which aims to improve teachers’ practice sustainably by one Ofsted level. Its effectiveness has been the subject of a recent quantitative study by Wolverhampton University.

About Osiris Educational

Osiris Educational is the UK’s largest independent provider of professional development for teachers. They run over 400 day courses every year, as well as in-school training, consultancy and intervention.

By Matthew Thompson- Project officer at Osiris Educational

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