Osiris Educational Teacher Advent Calendar: A Christmas Resource a Day!

3 December, 2012


Merry Christmas Teachers!

At Osiris Educational this year we have created a Christmas advent calendar exclusive to teachers. The 10-day countdown to the Christmas holidays will release a new Christmas resource download every day in the lead-up to the festive period.

After all, why should the pupils get all the surprises?

The resources will be useful activities which can be applied to all ages and levels, perfect for you to use in your tutor times, golden times or circle time. Each day a new window will be opened to reveal that day’s downloadable Christmas resource. They will be available on our Facebook page, click here to visit the Osiris Educational Christmas Advent Calendar.

(Please note that due to Facebook restrictions the Osiris Educational Teacher Advent Calendar can only be accessed via a PC.)

The first resource is available on Monday 3rd December, so make sure you check it out and hopefully we can help make the busy time to Christmas a little less stressful!

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