Your Chance to Help Education in the 21st Century

21 June, 2013

Hindsight… if only …. What if … – three small groups of words that can have a huge impact on our lives.

Let’s imagine you’re just starting your schooldays once again – what is the one thing you wished you’d learned at school. What one thing could have improved your life and given you choices that answered the ‘what ifs’.

We can’t take you back to your schooldays but we can give you the chance to help make a difference to the education of future generations. After all, a child attending school from four years old to 18 years old will spend around 20,000 hours in the classroom: they have a right to learn the skills they need.

#200000hours is a project looking to gather 20,000 opinions on two simple questions:

•             What is the single most valuable thing you learnt at school?

•             What was the chief omission – the one thing you really wished you’d been taught but weren’t?

We’re asking as many people as possible to take part, whatever their age, whatever their skills.

The results of the survey will be collated and published. It is hoped that the insights gained will help make a huge difference to children in the 21st century and add real opinion to the never-ending national debate on what education should look like.

If you want a chance to help us, please send us your answers by going to

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