Changing Mindsets 2014

31 January, 2014

Mindsets ImageWhat do Andy Murray, Bill Gates and J.K Rowling have in common?

They have a growth mindset. They also happen to be hugely successful in their field. Coincidence?

Professor Dweck’s Mindset theory is catching fire in the UK as more and more teachers, sports coaches, lecturers and business people realise that a growth mindset can be the foundation for positive learning. 

In terms of academic accolades, Professor Dweck is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and has held professorships at Harvard and Columbia Universities.

In broader terms, she changes lives. Her theory of human intelligence is simple but powerful: it has the capacity to change even the most determinedly grounded of opinions. Dweck informs us that we are not born with a fixed level of intelligence, we grow it in direct relation to how much, and how well, we use it. She provides the science behind:

“There’s no such thing as can’t”

Pupils with the growth mindset see their talent as a starting point: their first dot on an ever-expanding piece of art. The only way it can ever become a masterpiece is through effort and practice. Their masterpiece will not handed to them with a ribbon on at birth.

With a growth mindset, pupils, staff and you can realise the vast possibilities that lie ahead.

Now Professor Carol Dweck is live in the UK, exclusively with Osiris Educational, enabling you to discover how mindsets can underpin your journey to Ofsted’s Outstanding. This is an unmissable opportunity to embed a growth mindset in both staff and pupils.

The MINDSETS Conference 2014 unpicks Carol Dweck’s ground-breaking theories and shows you how to implement the changes the very next day.

If you have a growth Mindset and can inspire one in your students, the effects will be greater than you ever can have imagined. Knowing that you need not carry a label such as ‘not a maths person’ or ‘not sporty’ or even as far as ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ can be hugely empowering and have unparalleled effects on motivation, engagement and even happiness.

Make the most of this opportunity to see Carol Dweck speak live in the UK exclusively with Osiris Educational, as well as hearing key notes from leading UK psychologists and educationists as to how best to make Mindsets work for you and your school.

Embed and sustain a culture of ‘anything is possible’.

Book your place on Mindsets by calling our booking team on 0808 160 5 160 quoting reference MINDBLOG.

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