Address Ofsted’s focus on disruptive behaviour with Dr Bill Rogers

5 October, 2014

Behaviour-Management-BLOG-(WEB)A recent report released by Ofsted highlighted the impact of disruptive behaviour on learning and achievement. The report suggested that in some cases, disruptive behaviour can waste up to an hour of every day.

Based on around 3,000 school and academy inspections, combined with surveys of staff and parents, the report emphasises how “the inconsistent application of school rules is a source of annoyance to pupils, parents and teachers themselves”.

Read the full report here.

So how can you eradicate low-level disruption and put learning at the heart of your lessons?

Osiris Educational is pleased to announce the return of Dr Bill Rogers for another exclusive UK tour.

Dr Bill Rogers is an internationally acclaimed education consultant who works in Australia, the UK (Ireland) and Europe. His work covers the whole spectrum of education – from the early years to tertiary. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Education, an Honorary Life Fellow of All Saints and Trinity College (Leeds University) and is currently an Honorary Fellow of Melbourne University : school of Graduate Education (where he teaches for the Teach For Australia programme).

Since 1988 (where he gave evidence to the Elton Committee on Discipline in UK Schools) he has visited many, many times. He has received a number of awards in education.

He is also the author of a number of books on: discipline; behaviour management; colleague support; whole-school approaches to behaviour and discipline; early years education; and teacher welfare and teacher stress.

Dr Bill Rogers is a world-renowned authority on behaviour management, and is providing courses to suit every school’s needs:

Dr Bill Rogers’ Behaviour Management in the EYFS and KS1 – stop challenging behaviour before it starts, with practical ways to deal with common incidents, control anger and promote positive behaviour.

Dr Bill Rogers’ Challenging Behaviour – implement effective behaviour management on an individual basis, with effective consequences and sanctions and ‘master teacher’ techniques.

Dr Bill Rogers’ Whole-School Approach to Behaviour – establish consistent, purposeful school-wide practice, in a safe school where support and respect is at the centre of every action.

Dr Bill Rogers’ Managing the Challenging Class – unpick how to start afresh with a difficult group and full or practical strategies for promoting co-operation.

Don’t miss this exclusive UK opportunity to tackle difficult behaviour head-on. Book Dr Bill Rogers today.

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