Three day course launch – Deep and intensive training

3 March, 2015



From summer 2015, Osiris Educational will add three day courses to their training options, alongside one day courses, conferences, intervention programmes and in-school training.



  • Solve real issues from your school
  • Try strategies with “in school challenges”
  • Receive on-going support through webinars
  • Leave with an impact study and next steps report


Training format:

Each three-day course will run over a period of 8 – 12 weeks. The three training days will be spent with an expert in their field. After days 1 and 2 you will be set an in-school challenge, these will be tailored to solve real issues from your school. On-going support will be available throughout the eight weeks through webinars and forums. You will report and review these challenges on the next training day.

During each day, you will work on a personalised action plan so you can continue the training process in your school. You will also create an on-going impact study so you have evidence of your trainings success to share with senior leaders and inspectors.


The courses:


  1. Leading on Teaching, Learning and Assessment (LOTLA)

Suitable for primary and secondary middle leaders


  • One process to build leadership capacity where it matters most… in the classroom


A brief overview of LOTLA

LOTLA is a powerful process proven to change the habits of the teachers you lead. The approach promises to encourage fast and sustained improvement and bring about positive and lasting change.

The LOTLA process has identified five key gaps in teacher performance. These three days will give you tailored tools and strategies to close the gaps:


  1. Perception – help teachers know how they are really doing
  2. Clarity – improve teacher clarity in class
  3. Technical – upgrade teaching in the highest impact areas
  4. Mind – create a growth mindset in all staff
  5. Modelling – set the standard you want in your team


Before closing these gaps, you will discover how to open them and make them visible to the individual teacher and yourself. Once a starting point has been agreed and each teacher has accepted their strengths and weaknesses, on-going improvement can begin.


The inspiration behind LOTLA

LOTLA is brought to you by the founders of the highly-popular Outstanding Teaching Intervention, an intensive programme proven to bring long-term changes to individual teachers. The effectiveness of OTI has been proven by Wolverhampton University, a sixth-month study found 97% of delegates improved their teaching after attending.

Throughout the OTI process, 4,500 teachers, 2,000 lesson observations from 150 schools have been analysed. The LOTLA process is based on the findings from this research.


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  1. Primary Learners Programme (PLP)

Suitable for primary senior leaders


The inspiration behind PLP

In 2008, PLP founder, Carl Jarvis, became the headteacher at the fifth worst school in the UK. Within two years, the same school is now world-class.

For two years, Carl lived in the classroom, observing and feeding back. With the help of neuroscientists and newly motivated staff, he used world-class educational theories to create the Immersive Learning approach. This method was trialled in a number of schools and each experienced phenomenal results.

  • A ground-breaking process proven to get schools to ‘beyond Outstanding’ in 2 years… regardless of their starting Ofsted grade


A brief overview of PLP


PLP is a cutting-edge process that focuses on the learner and exceeding their needs. It is based on the Immersive Learning approach which is made up of three key pedagogies.


  1. Environmental Stimuli – restructure your learning environment
  2. Challenge-based Learning – raise expectation every day
  3. Project-based Learning – embed projects in your curriculum


As well as these three key pedagogies, a fourth pedagogy is intertwined. This is Reverse Learning which puts the student at the heart of learning, with the National Curriculum as an afterthought.

This three-day course will give you tailored tools and strategies to embed this approach in your school so you can bring about positive and lasting change. The success of PLP is replicable because the whole school practice changes, not the people.


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  1. The English Curriculum Programme (ECP) for Key Stage 3

Essential for all Heads of KS3 English


  • Everything you need to redesign and assess your curriculum over the next 2 years


A brief overview of the ECP

The English Curriculum Programme is a pioneering package for Heads of English. The programme provides the tools and expertise needed to redesign and assess the English curriculum during a time of rapid change. At the end of the programme, delegates will thrive during the next two academic years and beyond.


Participants of the ECP will:

  • Develop a curriculum for years 7, 8 and 9 for the next 2 years
  • Learn about the key processes of curriculum design
  • Develop the skills to lead curriculum design successfully
  • Embed a challenging curriculum in-line with the National Curriculum and local needs
  • Create and publish an assessment policy
  • Create and publish a year-by-year curriculum on your website
  • Use an enquiry approach to evaluate the impact of your curriculum


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Further information:

If you would like to contact a member of our team to discuss these courses further, please contact Katie Grainger on 01790 756731 or

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