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17 December, 2015

At the Learning and Achievement Conference 2016, we will be hosting 2 lively debates. 

he first is between Professor Dylan Wiliam and Sir Kevan Collins focusing on the questions:

  • Should teachers ignore the evidence?
  • Where should we all focus our energy?


The second is between David Didau and Professor Dylan Wiliam for which the following question has been posed:

  • Should we change our formative assessment practice?


Now it is your chance to have your voice heard in our fun and informative online debate for teaching professionals.

Stephen Cox, Osiris CEO, has posed the question below and would love to hear all your ideas and views.


Just drop your answers into the comments box or send them to @osirisedu on twitter and we will Tweet out the best ones.

That is not all; look out for our ‘exclusive’ tweets with quotes from David Didau who answers the question from an award-winning and highly influential education blogger and best-selling author’s perspective.


So here is your question:

Which is more important?

  1. Fidelity to A4L
  2. Rigour in the training process
  3. Impact in the classroom
  4. Improvement based on feedback received


If you want to see the debates live in London on 13th January, book your place on the Learning and Achievement Conference 2016 today and learn what Dylan Wiliam, David Didau, Sir Kevan Collins and Andy Griffith say really improves results.


To find out more about the Learning and Achievement Conference 2016 or to book your place, contact our bookings team on 0808 160 5 160 quoting LATCONBlog.



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