Will Ord – Inner Education

9 February, 2016

Will Ord

“We study subjects, and yet not the subject of study – the constant “me” of the mind.  21st Century education needs to address this imbalance.”  

The argument is that 95% of what children study at school is about the external world (i.e. subjects such as French, Science, Maths and English etc.), and very little about the Inner World of their minds. The one ‘vehicle’ that carries our every thought, emotion, sensation and perception of life.  

My argument is that if we spent more time exploring, understanding and developing this Inner World more in schools, learning SMSC and wellbeing would be a lot more efficient and enjoyable.  We can already see this Inner Education happening in the guises of Grit, Growth Mindsets, Human Givens, Mindfulness, neuroscience etc.   (Will Ord.  Internationally renowned author, trainer and speaker.)

Will is a keynote speaker at the Osiris SMSC Conference taking place in London on 17th March 2016.

He will cover some core ideas about SMSC provision & development in schools, and introduce a new way of thinking about SMSC development as “Inner Education”.

If you would like to hear more from Will, discover his practical strategies for SMSC as a basic provision or engage with his ‘thought bomb’ to challenge our thinking on how we view SMSC and education book your seat at the SMSC Conference 2016 today!SMSC GRAPHIC

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